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I Am Mad At Disney Too

I love Disney. I love those movies filled with magic and mystery and love and life. I love the castles, the sea, the royalty, and I loved how the endings were always happy. I mean, I grew up listening to how no matter how much stronger the enemy, the king always finds a way. That good always wins and evil always loses. That the pauper becomes the prince too and that the evil step mother never gets her way.

But let's look into our reality for a second now, shall we? So many kids self harm, commit suicide, have to tackle with so many mental health issues with rarely anyone to educate or help them navigate through it. And all this because their expectations of what should have happened or the fear of what might got the better of them. Since their stories didn't get the end they wanted, they didn't accept the end they got.

But why did they expect these unreal endings to begin with?

These Disney movies and bedtime stories. Period.

We grew up believing happy ending exist and that no matter what happens, the end's always all well. We grew up to believe that one day a handsome prince will come fetch us on a white horse and that he'll fight a thousand people just for our sake.

But you know what? There are no happy endings.

Maybe even after Cinderella met her Prince Charming, he never really valued her just like her step mother. Maybe when snow white woke up with the piece of apple falling off her mouth, she ordered the killing of the Prince because she thought he tried to kill her? Or maybe that, despite all those fatal attempts, when the mermaid finally got her legs in exchange of her tail to marry the Prince on land, he had already married another princess.

How do we know?

And how were we even supposed to know?

I mean, we surely weren't born with these delusion notions about reality, right? Our parents, elders, teachers, guardians - they taught us this. They saw us get happy by this delusional bubble of hubbabubba and instead of teaching us the truth, they let us be happy in the moment. And we fools, we put all our faith in all those false, unreal "realities" they told us about.

And then we grew up, still believing in all that, until one day - BOOM.

Our balloon of assumption they had inflated so big, it burst and we cried. We cried a lot, because we were told that this balloon was immortal. And seeing us cry, they said we'll get another balloon soon. But then, most of us never did. And it hurt. A lot.

It took us a lot of courage and confusion and chaos to see the clarity of reality, that no happy endings exist. That all we have is the choice to accept things and be happy, or change them accordingly to become happy. And that only and only we have that choice.

I don't want this to become the very thing I am against putting your blind faith in, and hence I won't give you a happy ending. I want you to think and understand and unlearn before you learn. I, however, do have a silver lining for you, something that allows me to still watch these movies - I treat them not as a real possibility or reality, but as an escape from reality. I believe these movies to be absolutely nothing like life, for them to be filled with magic which can exist only in art.

I mean, I am still mad at Disney but that doesn't make me any less in love with it.

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