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Koi No Yokan

I love how the Japanese portray love, how they take into consideration every discrepancy, how they mention every fold and curve and complex twist which love has to offer.

I recently came across this Japanese phrase, Koi No Yokan, which means "premonition of love". It basically means knowing you are going to fall in love with someone, when you meet them for the first time. It's a little different from "love at first sight", as it doesn't say that love already exists. It says something even more beautiful - that this love they know they'll feel, it is inevitable.

The con of this however, is the fact that love doesn't exist and since its existence is inevitable - it creates a gap, a gap which can sometimes not be a walk through the garden but an adventure through the forest. Even if the end is written, you still need to navigate through the dense forest.

And you know what's the worst part about love? It walks hand in hand with fear. Despite knowing the end, walking through the jungle seems scary. It's like when you go bungee jumping - you know the harness will hold you, you know you'll not fall, you know you're locked; but to let go and just twist and twirl before you reach the end only to come back up again - that's terrifying.

However, all we sometimes need is to walk that forest with someone. To know you are not alone, to know your fears aren't invalid, to know there's someone else willing to take that leap of faith as well - for you, with you. That's exactly how I felt when I saw you for the first time - Koi No Yokan. Anand Mahindra said ,"Nobody understands how the world will change. The only way you can plan for the future is to have scenarios. You have to have the courage to take a leap of faith on one of them." And after walking the forest for some time now, I know where I am headed. All that I can hope for now is that you choose the same scenario too.

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