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Updated: Aug 6, 2021

When I fell in love with you, it didn't feel like falling at all. Or at least that's what I used to say, it sounded way more poetic.

But now, all things said and done - I think it was a beautiful descend, falling in love with you. It was a fall for sure, but you made it so worthwhile, that the fear vanished. It was a fall, undoubtedly, because only a fall can hurt that bad when it finally ends.

We were both massive talkers, and of course you'd know that. We talked about everything - from poetry to music, from kids to houses, from pets to cities, from the color our kitchen would be till the best school districts in our favorite countries. And only a fall can be such a massive leap in such a small time, right?

We spoke about everything and I loved that about us. I think, I still do.

You know, people say that when you can't explain why you love someone, you actually love them. But that never made sense to me, because when we asked each other this - I'd be the one writing an essay, and you'd be the one falling short of words.

But then again, I was probably only focusing on what sounded more poetic, hmm?

I am not saying we didn't love each other, I know we did. I know we loved each other but I think we liked the idea of each other even more. I think we fell in love with the potential we both held more than who we actually were, and that was our downfall.

But whatever we had, it was something. Love on most days, maybe not on others. But it was something.

Something worth holding on to.

Because, it sure did have the potential.

You can always hear us if reading isn't your thing.

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yash shethia
yash shethia
Aug 03, 2021



Ria Goradia
Ria Goradia
Aug 03, 2021

This is lovely 🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️

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