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The Leap Of Faith To Love

Everything about love is as beautiful as it is complex.

The Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty states that at any given point, you can either know a particle's location or the direction they're moving in. But to know both, is a mystery that remains unsolved.

This uncertainty however, is not confined to only particles but also extends to our relationships. You can have the best first date but does that guarantee the direction you'll be moving in is the same? No. You can be moving forward but does that guarantee you're at the same place in the relationship? No again.

Let's keep the Heisenberg Principle aside for a moment. Instead, let's talk about Schrodinger and his cat. In layman's terms, it is said that in this thought experiment, Schrodinger believed the cat to be in a box which would release a poisonous gas at any random time. And that until and unless you open the box and check, you'll never know if the cat is alive or dead. And while some might believe that the reason the cat died in the first place is that they opened the box and that ignorance is a bliss indeed - that's just something cowards say to sleep better. What you ought to realize is that the cat died because it was going to anyway - whether you open the box or not.

You see, that's exactly what I am talking about. Love requires a certain amount of bravery amongst other things. But the first thing it requires to reach the other things is the courage to take that leap of faith - to open the box and see if there is any love in it to salvage. Whatever happens, it's fate either way - the cat may be alive or it may be dead - but the fact that you took that leap is what'll help you cope with whatever comes next.

You know, I've always been one to take the leap of faith - to tell someone I love them, to tell someone I don't, to say it like I mean it and apologize if it hurts. And it's terrifying. Because with becoming brave comes the fear of embarrassment if you fail. And that's the kind of scary which makes me want to not be brave at all. But I've learnt this from experience - nothing feels better than taking the reins of your life in your own hands. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. But at least you don't have to live in ambiguity if it would ever work out or not.

Because you know, you can't walk through life waiting for things to unravel themselves. I mean you can, but should you really? And don't get me wrong - I am not saying it's not difficult, but isn't being brave always hard and yet so worth it?

Because life isn't supposed to be some sloppy tour you booked around the world where you just go where the itinerary asks you to go next. Life is a backpacking trip along the mountains and the sea and the best hotels in the world and absolutely whatever you want it to be - it's your canvas and I think, the best paintings are the ones you decide the colors to.

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