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Mosaic means putting together parts of different things, to form something entirely new. This concept of the mosaic is quite popular in art and literature and our beings. There are a million quotes on how we are all a beautiful mosaic of everything we have experienced, everything we wish for, and everyone we've met; how we have parts of our mother's compassion and our father's kindness, our best friend's sense of humor and our sibling's dedication. And it's all true. We, indeed, are parts of everyone we love and hate and like and loathe. And I think that's beautiful.

But do you know what I find even more beautiful?

Those mosaics don't only work for individuals, but also relationships. Your partner is as many parts of you as you are them. And y'all together, live and create all these million memories which are pieces unique to your relationship.

Your mom has parts of your fashion sense, and you have her eyes. Maybe you and her read a book together for the first time and that piece of mosaic is a common piece.

And I find this so immensely beautiful.

It's like yin and yang, a little good in everything bad and a little bad in all things good; except this is all good.

Relationships I believe, like mosaics, are ever-changing. Think of them like a painting you're painting with someone. You need to tell them what you want it to look like if you'd prefer sunrise or sunset. You need to remedy the patches you don't like and compromise a little to accommodate the colors the person across likes. Because while the best art might be the one that is open to interpretation, the best relationships are the ones where you don't just grow, but you grow together.

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